Electricity is one of the most useful and versatile fuels, yet there are an incredible amount of losses inherent in generating and transmitting electricity.  But nothing else fuels our cell phones, iPads, and laptops.  Being able to run your freezer and refrigerator during an outage and even the microwave or coffee pot can turn an unpleasant extended power outage into something just a bit more bearable.

Inverter Generators

Inverter generators are one of the most efficient generator designs.  They are designed to vary the engine speed based on load.  The design is essentially a DC generator with an inverter attached to make AC from DC.

Honda Generators

The king in the inverter generator space is Honda.  They’re not cheap, but reliable and really quiet.  The Honda EU2000i is the generator I take out first when the power goes out, just to power the small loads and charge batteries.  I recommend RVPartsCountry,com as the place to get one.  They have by far the best price I found on the internet and its where I bought mine.  By the way, they are not an affiliate, so I don’t get a dime from them if you buy.