Prepper 101: Don’t Forget Skills

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By Nelson Enemy ) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
If you’ve been following along in the series, you’ve realized the need to get prepared, have at least a rough draft of a prepping plan, and have started to put things away that will help you during a crisis. But what else do you need to do?

Learn to Use Your Preps

It may seem obvious, but knowing how to use your supplies and gear you’ve worked hard for is paramount.  For example,

  • That flour and salt you just put away and think it’ll help you in a crisis?  Do you know how to use it to make bread?  Do you have an oven you can even do this with when the grid is down?
  • The generator you just bought… do you know how to use it?  Or have enough extension cords for it?  Or fuel?  Guess what: Electricity is used to pump gasoline and you need money to pay for it, if you can even get it without waiting in line for hours
  • That high dollar water filter.  Have you even tried it?  Do you know when it’s working properly and your water is safe?

I could go on and on here.  if you don’t have the skills to use the supplies and gear you have, they’re just barter material for something you can use.  That or expensive paper weights.

Don’t Ignore the Primitive Skills

Have you ever needed a match or lighter?  All the wood in the world won’t do you any good unless you have something to make fire with.  While lighters and matches are great (and I do recommend you store some), I’d recommend you at least learn to start a fire with a Firesteel or Magnesium Stick.  Even better, try using the wood to make fire via bowdrill or other method.

Don’t think this is limited to fire.  Learn to MacGuyver things, make do with what you have, because you might not be able to run to the store to buy exactly what you need.

Don’t Forget Tools

You can make a lot of things you need if you have the tools, so don’t forget those for your preps.  Hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, rope, nails, glue, tape, screws, and knives are all great tools to have.  I’m a tool and gadget nut, so it didn’t take a lot of convincing for me.  Having the tools to make or repair things would be very valuable if you can’t otherwise obtain them.

The bottom line is don’t stop learning.  What skills are you learning right now?